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Building Desire for Your Product Amongst Your Network Marketing Leads

Posted in Networking August 31, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

Network marketing leads are hard to get!  The process of developing leads requires hard work and persistence.  The leads you get should be qualified which make it easier for you to manage and convert them from leads into long term business relationships.

You can purchase lead lists from lead generation companies.  You can then call the people on the list and interview them to find out whether they are the type of leads you are looking for.  Remember, not all leads will be ideal.  That is why if you get a list of pre-qualified leads it will save you time and money in the long run.  If they are the type of leads that you are looking for then you can start developing relationships with them with the goal of signing them up.  Of course the more eager they are for your offering the better, and the longer they stay with the program.  This is why you should work to building desire for your product.

Remember that not all leads will take the opportunity as seriously or share the same levels of motivation or work ethic.  However, that is not to say that at some point down the road that they will be motivated to move with the opportunity.

When you initially speak with your lead remember that you are trying to help them, not sell to them.  Evaluate how you communicate with you leads.  Do you listen intently or are you more concerned with getting your message across?  Do you address their concerns or do you focus on the benefits?  Your aim should be to educate and guide the lead and help them make a decision.  I say a decision and not the decision because this may not be the right business opportunity for them.  However, if you can create an interest in the product and motivate the lead, as well as offering solutions to their needs and fears, then you have put yourself in a position of trust.  And this trust will help to build a desire for your product.

When you acquire your lead be prepared in advance for your initial communication with them.    Gather all relevant information, and be ready to talk but also be ready to listen.  During the call help the lead to visualize their success with the business opportunity.  This can be aided by using testimonials and examples from previous successes.  Stories with examples from real life really help.  Avoid examples that sound too good to be true.  Also, show evidence of challenges and how you overcame particular problems.  This is a great way to build trust.  The goal is to show the benefits that the product offers and its value.

The time to make a sales pitch will be when you have built a level of trust and have answered any concerns.  At this point you have built a desire for the product.  This will put you in a superior position to close the sale and continue on your path of personal success.

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