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Posted in Internet Marketing October 19, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

Like you, I constantly see business opportunities where you can supposedly earn vast amounts of cash selling everything from soap to supplements to slippery deals where they don’t seem to be selling anything at all.

But one industry outsells all the others online year after year. If you guessed the Information Industry — you’re right. True, the Net sells billions in products and services, but NOTHING comes close to the massive profits information earns.

The Internet was designed from day one as a way for the average person to get information on ANY subject possible. The World Wide Web was planned to become the biggest library and book store in human history.

If you ask me, and a LOT of experts would agree, the Internet’s ability to give us fast answers to just about any question is the most remarkable advancement in our lifetimes.

Clearly, if you want to earn cash and LOTS of it, INFORMATION is the thing you should be selling. But it’s not just the incredible demand that makes Info so hot. Info is also remarkably cheap to produce and distribute.

Let’s compare an information product to a regular product, like a lamp at Walmart. Chances are it took an entire overseas factory to create the lamp, then everything from planes to trucks to massive computerized warehouses to get the product into the multi-million dollar store you buy it from.

Information, on the other hand, can be created on any computer, quickly transformed into an ebook, and put online for instant download. You don’t even need a clerk to sell your ebook. Automation can take care of everything from marketing, to display, to order taking, to processing payments and putting the money in your bank account.

So how do you get started in your own Information Business?

You can do it the old fashioned way and write your own information products. Spend time at the library and searching online, then add the facts you learned to what you already know to write your ebook, report, white sheet, or booklet.

Now I fully realize most of us are not professional writers. Unless you’re one of the lucky 2 percent of the population who like to write, sitting down in front of a word processor is probably the LAST thing you want to do today.

No problem. Professional writers and experts in every imaginable field have already written articles, reports, and ebooks for you to use. You can purchase all the hot selling information products you’ll ever need with complete resell rights. That means the author and publisher say “PLEASE — sell our information and keep the profits for yourself.”

No question about it, today’s modern information selling businesses are by far the smartest business out there. Get started today and make sure YOU have access to the vast profits that will be earned in the 21st century from selling info online.
Mike Jensen is an enthusiastic seller of digital information. See his two sites for details on how YOU can get your own information business at and . You get the best selling ebooks with resell rights. .

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  1. Thanks to this article I was able to find products to sell online now it looks like I can start a home based internet business.

    Comment by Mike — October 25, 2006 @ 6:31 pm

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