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Apply on the internet what you’ve learned from Monopoly. Your internet real estate. Your ultimate wealth online

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Have you ever played the game of Monopoly? Well, I have and I love it, since young. It was sort of a get together between family and friends. But the rules and outcomes of the game could be very ‘real’ when compared to real life.

Oh okay, how does that related to your Online Business? Or how does it help to achieve Ultimate Wealth Online?

Almost everything!

In Monopoly your success is mainly govern by the roll of dice. Isn’t it the same in the real whole when people complain can’t I have more money? Or I wish I was born rich?

Then in Monopoly you have ‘chance’ and ‘community chest’ cards just like in the real world where opportunity and chances meet up with you everyday.

But most importantly just like in the real world no matter your dices land on (which face), I strongly believe with faith and works you could turn most situations around! Finally achieving Ultimate Wealth Online!

Now the meat of this article how to use games and rules or what you know from Monopoly and turn your internet game around?

Built and acquire virtual assets. What do I mean by virtual assets?

Your internet business and these comprises of the following:
• Your website(s)
• Your affiliate program(s)
• Your article(s), your ebook(s), your software(s) etc
• Your relationship(s) (with customers, suppliers etc)
• Your mailing list(s), your ezine(s) etc
• Your presence
• Oh the list could go on etc (but I guess you get the idea)

For your online business to achieve Ultimate Wealth Online what do you need to do? I strongly believe you need to build just like you are playing the game of Monopoly. Choose your player first be it ‘the dog’, ‘the car’ etc, find your favorite topic or niche or product you like to work on.

Next spend to earn. Never foolishly and what do I call that? Your Ultimate Wealth Online Investment. Invest carefully on what you will require to assist you to achieve success. Is it an autoresponder service that could help you in building your mailing list? Make a checklist (I will provide a sample checklist on my blog in the near future do visit and download a copy and add on the list if you wish) and make sure you work systematically towards it. To achieve Ultimate Wealth Online I believe in building your business slowly and steadily no point rushing.

After you have established a basic accumulation of assets you will slowly feel the benefits of your Ultimate fruits of labor. Yup it take some time before you can feel this one, this is never in an instant. It is seldom when you roll the dice it shows 6 faced up all the time. This is what we call residual income.

One surefire method to confirm your residual income is to explode your presence on the internet with viral marketing. Meaning spreading your website etc like a virus only this is not air borne it is through your Ultimate Wealth Online Internet Marketing. (Just for your information I offer both free courses and a low paying course, check my web site and my blog for more details).

Once you know the rules, learn to play like an expert. It is just like sports, first you need to know the rules of Football, then you need to practice, do the necessary, maybe even go to the gym room to assist you in whatever way. Only after which you can learn to be a professional at it.

Buy “Boardwalk” on the Monopoly board, you gain the most rent from it. So I say the same with your Ultimate Online Business. For Ultimate Wealth Online go big, register relevant domain names. Find a good web host, have a good autoresponder service. And you are in good starting point (Note: when I say good, I do not mean expensive, do what you can best afford, to do business, one rule is to keep costs down while trying to maximize profits). But you still have an empty site.  You need to build it up with content!

And not only content, unique content to you and your customers. It should not be difficult as everybody is different and I believe presentation style is different. However, I also do note there are several copy cats around.

Trust me if you build your houses even if you own Baltic Avenue, when you receive your rent you will still smile. So what about building your Hotels? Membership websites etc? Do what you feel fits your businesses the best. To tell you the truth the one that builds Hotels in Monopoly might not be the eventual winner. You write your own Ultimate Wealth Online business blueprint and rules, you state your own goals.

Do not forget in Monopoly there are entities such as Utilities and Railroads. Do think of services and software at which you feel could be beneficial to your customers as long as you own your ‘place’ on the board you can’t lose.

Hopefully you can see where I am getting at to really start profiting online, my point of view is to own your own website. You could start a free one with blogger or wordpress but till you have your own website, I still feel you do not have a good presence or presentation to your customer. For example, if you email to reply to them and you are using a gmail and hotmail it doesn’t look so professional. But do not jump into anything like I mentioned before do what you financially can first. When you can afford to have a website do not wait. You have so much autonomy as to what you want to do with your website it is just crazy. I would very much like to share more do visit my blog or web site when you are free. The details are in the Authors Resource Box. But for now I think you get the idea, it is always better for us to think more about what we want to do than for always letting others let us what to do.

Wishing you the best Ultimate Wealth Online.

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