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Building Unlimited Traffic to Your Website with Blogs

Posted in Blogging October 30, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

Tire of getting results? Stop using the old strategies of the past, they are not as good as the new strategies. Learn how to create unlimited traffic and automate the proccess.

We all know that blogs are capable of amazing things. Now it is time to see the real power of blogs and how they can be used to create massive traffic to any website in a flash. These strategies come from my own personal experiences with traffic generation and website marketing through the years. I have combined and used different tactics to create more efficient tactics that I currently offer at

For those of you who are unfamiliar with blogs, this article is not for you. This is for people who are using blogs and want to learn how to use them more effectively then before using new and innovative strategies that have taken years for me to perfect.

When you think of a blog what do you see? I will tell you what I see; I see a space for you to share your thoughts and ideas to the world. People love to read blogs and the information they learn will be the hook for those visitors to stay and read more. This is the key because you can get one million visitors a day and if they think your site is bad, they will be of no use. Talk about a waste.

One of the many strategies I use to get traffic to my website is to create a giant banner and place it right in the middle of the on the top of the blog. This will force people to know who the blog belongs to and were the information leads to. This will increase the cross over rate of blog visitors to your website.

There are 3 basic aspects to a blog that affect it. These factors are the template (look), the actual content, and traffic generation.

You have to have a unique template or people will be turned off by your blog. You can find cheap templates for $5 everywhere on the internet. These templates are always beautiful and offer amazing artistry that makes you wonder why the price is so low.

For the content to your site, you have to automate this process using software that generates content or some kind of system that allows you to quickly create content for your blog so you don’t have to slave over the work.

To get the people to your website, you have to utilize pinging services and make sure that it is done too many websites to maximize your websites exposure to people and search engines. Also, when doing this, use anchor text appropriate to your niche to increase relevancy of your website ranking.

The process of blogging and pinging has been around for a long time. It is no secret; it is also not a secret that it takes a long time. To make the job quick and easy, I use a blog and ping automator that I am actually giving away at This software is great for anyone who wants to automat the process. It saves me countless hours a week.

Making the 3 aspects of blogging more efficient is a good way to earn more working online. Having good content is key and being able to churn out massive amounts of content for multiple blogs will begin to bring traffic to your website on autopilot.

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