The Real Scoop on Data Entry, Type At Home Jobs

You’ve seen the headlines, “$200+ Per Day Filling Out Simple Online Forms”, “Data Entry Workers Needed Immediately” and so on.  WOW, that sounds like an excellent job, to make it even more attractive, there’s the obligitory picture of some man or woman sitting at the kitchen table in their bath robe enjoying a nice, hot cup of coffee while checking their laptop to see all the money they raked in while sleeping.

So what’s the REAL deal with Data Entry Work & Type At Home jobs?

I’m about to become like that really hated magician that went on TV and showed everyone the secrets to some famous magic tricks.  I’m going to tell you the SECRET!!

Let’s take a look at the actual wording of these types of ads.

“Type at Home”
“Home Typing Jobs”
“Make Money Typing From Home”

First, what is “typing”?  Typing could be typing books, ebooks or any other publication.  For instance, I’m “typing” right now while creating this post.

So a “Type at Home” ad could offering you information on how to make money online by creating your own ebooks for resale or building blog networks and typing in the same way that I am now.  It could also be “typing” in keywords and putting together a Google Adwords campaign which brings us to the second type of ad.

“Data Entry Work”
“Data Entry Workers Needed”

Again, “Data Entry” is not very specific.  But the sales pages usually go on to tell you that huge companies will pay you and they may even mention a few large, well know companies to get you to think that you will be paid directly from this company for doing some data entry work from home for them.

Umm, not exactly.  Oh, the companies will pay you but not for what you were expecting.

If you go to google and do a search for, let’s just use “Data Entry” for our example since it’s our theme here anyway, you will see “Sponsored Links” at the top, side and sometimes bottom of the page.

These are paid advertising spots offered by Google.  Also known as Google Adwords.  And guess what… to enter those ads you had to enter data into a form or to put it another way, data entry.  Get it??

Now that the cat is out of the bag, let me say that there is money to be made using Google Adwords to drive targeted traffic to your sales pages or the sites of those companies willing to pay you for the sign ups but I want your eyes to completely open as to what is actually involved before deciding to take this course of action.

By now, you are probably wondering who actually pays you and how hard is it to do this, will you need a website and dozens of other legitimate questions.

You see, the 10,000 plus companies you’ve probably seen mentioned in those “data entry” sales pages actually do want to make sales and what better way to do it than to offer people a percentage of the sale as a commission to anyone who refers a customer their way that purchases.

What???  Yes, companies like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Amazon, Ebay, K-Mart and the other 9995 plus other companies that do business online want more sales and will pay YOU to send customers to them.  These commission systems are what you may have heard referred to as ”Affiliate Programs”. 

There are a number of large “banks” of affiliate programs at places like Commission Junction, Clickbank and Share a Sale just to name a few where you can actually promote 10’s of thousands of products from different vendors.

Not only physical products but also ebooks. Have you ever seen an ebook for sale onlne? Generally they’re made to look like a book set or a software box or maybe even some CD disks through the use of graphics programs but generally what you are buying is an ebook aka digital info product in a .pdf format. There’s a lot of money to be made creating and selling these ebooks as well but I’ll save that discussion for another day.

Ok, let’s get back to the “data entry” work, or as we now know, Google Adwords Campaigns.  This is an extremely effective way to make money online but only and I’ll repeat ONLY if you know what you’re doing.

Anybody can go to Google Adwords, set up an account, enter some ads (”Filling out simple forms”), pick out keywords you want to target and quickly deplete their bank account.  Well, you don’t have to deplete your bank account since you can set maximums on what your campaigns will spend daily but you definitely have the odds of making money stacked against you.

You see, Google Adwords, because it IS such a lucrative, dynamic way to generate commissions is also heavily competitive.  You’re not the only one fed up with their boss, the daily commute, the long hours of unappreciated work who’s looking for a way to “fire their boss”.  Surprised? No, I didn’t think you would be.

The companies which focus on the Data Entry and Type at Home jobs bring to you the information you’ll need to fully understand and get started making money.  The two which I advertise here and the only two I’ll recommend are Data Entry Made Easy and Keyboarding 4 Cash.  These two will provide you with a solid foundation should you choose this method of making money online.

Once you’ve gotten the basics down on setting up campaigns, keyword research, monitoring and bidding strategies I would recommend you take a look at Day Job Killer for advanced Google Adwords techniques.  Not for beginners, this is an intense system for dominating your competition and includes several high powered tools to take your Adwords game to an entirely new level.

You can find more SEO Tools and Site Promotion information at these links.

To sum this post up and hopefully tie up any lose ends, let me say that I know for a fact that money can be made utilizing Google Adwords but you do need the advanced information to become truly competitive and profitable.

You will need a little money up front to invest in the products mentioned above as well as setting up your Google Adwords account though the Adwords account can be set up with almost nothing and you have complete control over your daily spends.

Over all, it is a worthwhile investment if you want to become successful online because ultimately, it takes traffic to make sales.  The nicest sales pages in the world won’t earn one penny if no one sees it.

Best Wishes,

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