More Greyhat Video Marketing Tactics

If you read my other post “Greyhat Video Marketing Technique That Cranks Out Greenbacks“, you saw a technique I use that takes advantage of YouTube videos by using them to help demo products that I’m promoting. I’ve earned thousands of dollars this way. Now, I’m taking it to the next level.

This is really so simple, it would be difficult to try and stretch this post out much so I’m going to just get right to the point (nice for a change, huh?)

Building entire niche sites around other peoples videos!

Huh? you say.

Something I noticed when writing these posts here, is that I always had to go into detail when describing certing things like setting up hosting, uploading files, etc..

I found myself either having to try and describe it the best I could with words or say simply to “search YouTube” for a video.

So, the thought occured to me. Why send them away from my site when I can quickly create another site with these videos.  That’s just what I did.

Webmastering 101 Video Guide

Now, if I’m writing and I come to a point where you need to insert adsense ads into Wordpress, I can just hyperlink to the video. Of course, there are adsense ads on the pages and some related product suggestions. This is just another opportunity to earn a commission which would have been lost if I would have just sent them to YouTube to find the video themselves.

While this webmastering 101 video guide site was set up to aide me and my visitors (you), you can easily apply this to any niche you like.

Maybe you just want to make money using adsense? Maybe you are promoting a dog training product?

Doesn’t matter, build a niche site filled with short video clips, add some content and insert your ads.

How easy is that??

People love videos! You save them time by weeding out the junk and only using the best videos that show exactly what you want. This let’s you actually create a “themed” site complete with index and the exact videos necessary for each step.


Post 1. Paper training: The best video you can find showing this, some content (text), adsense ads and the link to the product you’re promoting.

Post 2. Teach sit: “” “”

Post 3. Teach heal: “” “”

You get the idea! You can build a very helpful, targeted niche site and never have to spend one second creating the video. That work’s already been done for you.

Before anyone gets too upset, let me emphasize that the video producers agreed to allow others to embed their videos in their pages. If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be an embed link on the video page. They get the exposure they want, you get to be creative in how you use them (and by picking those that aren’t maximizing their “call to action”) and capitalize on it to the fullest. Everyone wins!

 Go forth and build niche video sites!!

I will create some example niche video sites and get back to this post. I was kind of rushed when I posted and would really like to get into things a little deeper.

So…. to be continued!

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