My Secret Source for Unlimited Article Content

Whether you need content for writing articles to drive traffic to your websites, content for flipping websites or other reasons, coming up with content time and time again can put quite a strain on the brain. Here I’m sharing my secret source to and endless supply of content you can use.

First, let’s talk about a few reasons why content is so important and how it can be used.

Article Marketing

Writing articles is an excellent way to build a reputation in your chosen niches and is used as a way to build back links to your sites in an effort to raise your page rank. By writing articles correctly, you give the reader enough information to satisfy their immediate curiosity but left them wanting to click through on your bio links for even more information and then to purchase your product or buy through your affiliate link. Using a mass article submission service like Article Marketer, you can get your articles out in front of hundreds of buyers instantly. Learn more about article marketing – The Article Marketing Handbook

Flip Websites For Profit

Fortunes have been made flipping websites for profit. This is probably one of the easiest ways to make money online. Building websites with 10-20 unique articles, a nice design which you can outsource and some targeted advertising and you’re ready to sell. There are people that just don’t have the technical know how to build a website, the thing is, you don’t have to either if you know what to do. Learn more about Flipping Websites For Profit

Made For Adsense Websites

Another simple way to make money is by building made for adsense websites. Building sites much like you would if you were flipping websites but with the intention of loading them up with adsense ads and keeping them for yourselves. This is probably the quickest way to the “Dollar A Day Method” I talk about in another post. Learn more about making money with adsense. HyperVRE – Viral Adsense Software.

Blogging For Dollars

Again, similar to flipping websites and adsense sites except you build these sites with wordpress blogging software. These types of sites have been really hot for quite a while but now more than ever because of the advanced plugins that allow everything to run on autopilot with dynamically created content to automatic social bookmarking, etc.. These make great sites to flip also because they are so much more advanced and are “living” websites meaning they continue to generate content and grow. The content usually comes from other rss feeds but you can really set them apart by plugging in some unique content as well. Learn more… Make Money With Blogs.

Building Mailing Lists

You may have heard. “The money’s in the list”. If you’ve been around for awhile, you probably understand what this means. If you’re new to internet marketing, you may be wondering what the heck I’m talking about. The most successful internet marketers have thousands of people on their email lists. By staying in contact and feeding free into to them, building rapport and trust, they can then recommend a product to their lists and make hundreds and thousands of sales instantly. It’s never too early or too late to start building your mailing list. One of the best ways to get people to subscribe to your list is to offer a free report on a professionaly designed squeeze pagefollowed up by a series of autoresponder messages though a service like Aweber.

Creating Your Own Products

Selling info products on the internet is big business. Using my secret sources to unlimited content you can easily churn out your own line of info products. Doing this allows you to not only keep 100% of the profits made from the sales you make personally but it allows you to harness the power of affiliates marketing your product. Imagine having hundreds of people selling your ebooks for a cut of the profit. Learn more about Info Product Creation.

Membership Sites

Using my secret source for content you can build highly profitable membership sites. Membership sites are great because they bring in revenue month after month and can be set up and basically run themselves. Learn How To Build A Membership Site Like The Pros

These are just a few of the ways content is used and why it’s so important. You can see that almost every method for making money online revolves around content and unfortunately, creating content can be the biggest obstacle. Now, it doesn’t have to be the hurdle that stands in your way to success.

You can find an endless supply of content by just visiting your local thrift stores. You can find books on every subject imaginable. Call around and you will find that many have special sales days where they offer up to 50% or more off their already low prices.

Once you’ve picked up your books, it’s just a matter of rewriting the content to make it unique. I do this by reading a paragraph and then putting into my own words, using my own vocabulary. Sometimes I do this a sentence at a time. Many have recommended rewriting content that exists on the internet and there are even “content spinners” that substitute words with other words in an effort to rewrite the article but these are usually lacking and you end up with an article that doesn’t make sense, not only that, but so many other people are doing it, all the articles end up sounding very similar. Not as many people use books and you get a much more unique article when finished.

Let me give an example of rewriting a paragraph, I’ll type the first paragraph exactly as it appears in the book and then I’ll rewrite it in the second paragraph.

Original Paragraph

“Muscle Tension. You may feel tension anywhere in your body, but especially in your shoulders, back, neck, legs and abdomen, which can translate into stiffness, pain or trouble sleeping, Dr Luecken says. Also, the muscle tension in your neck may be what’s causing that headache.”

Rewritten Paragraph

“Tense Muscles. Could tense muscles be the reason behind those nasty headaches? One doctor states that while tension can be felt all over, generally it will affect certain parts of the body more than others. Areas such as our neck, back, legs, shoulders and even our abdominal muscles. Most often this will be noticed when these muscles become stiff, causing acute pain, such as a headache or even interfere with our sleep. This pain is the way our bodies tells us something may be wrong, it’s important to listen and act upon the messages our bodies send”

You can see, same message with completely different wording. It could be rewording a hundred different ways depending on what keywords you were wanting to target and how the content was going to be used. Obviously there will be different needs when writing to submit to an article directory than if you were just adding content to your adsense site.

If you find yourself having problems doing this, there is one tool that is different from the standard content spinners. It’s called WordFlood and you just paste your article into the text area and use it to assist with the rewriting. It offers alternative words and phrases and you get to select which sounds the best so that it comes out sounding like it was written by a human rather than some software.

View a video demo and download a free, fully-functioning 14 day trial of WordFlood today!

If you were to use WordFlood, the easiest way to get the words from the book to a text file is to use a voice recognition software like Dragon Naturally Speaking. You would just read the chapter and then copy/paste into WordFlood.

I hope you found this information useful and will use it to help build your internet business.

Wishing you great success,

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