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The Work at Home Guide to Writing and Selling Highly Profitable Niche Ebooks

Did you know that you can make big money writing and selling ebooks online? But before we get into that, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make money selling ebooks and other Internet marketing strategies they can be used for.

1. You can sell advertising in your ebooks. You can find other people that have related products and offer to place their links in your ebook for a price. Depending upon the size of your ebook, the niche and prior successes, you could charge anywhere from $100 to $600. Alternatively, you can place affiliate links in your ebook and earn commissions for all referred sales.

2. Sell the ebooks yourself. Aside from affiliate marketing (selling other peoples ebooks), this is one of the most popular methods. The key to this is having a good sales letter and digital product delivery system. There are several ebook marketplaces where you can pick up affiliates that will sell your ebooks for a percentage of the sales price. Most affiliate commission range from 50% – 75%. While this may seem like a lot, it is free money for you because they did all the work that generated the sale. Imagine having hundreds of people selling your ebooks for you without you lifting a finger.

3. You can use your ebooks to generate traffic to your website. Most often, you will want to have a main product and release shorter, chapter versions of your ebook that will give them enough information to make them want more.

4. Use your ebooks to build email marketing lists. Much like number three above, you will offer them a much shorter version of your actual product, usually called a report, for providing you with their name and email address and agreeing to accept emails from you. Once they sign up, they would receive a series of autoresponder emails that is completely automated and requires no further input from you once you’ve set it up. As they receive your email series, they may become more interested in your product and buy the full version.

There’s four potential ways to use ebooks to build a successful online business. Now let’s look at some of the individual components of each.

If you’ve never written an ebook, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself to achieve success.

Niche research is critical when choosing a subject to write an ebook. Pick a sought after subject and the cash register can quickly start ringing. Pick the wrong niche and your cash drawer will be full of cobwebs and you will have wasted all the time it took to research the niche and write the ebook. Watch the free Micro Niche Finder videos for more information on picking profitable niches.

Another important aspect of writing and selling ebooks is the actual writing itself. Even though voice to text software like Dragon Naturally Speaking can greatly reduce the amount of typing required, you will still need to be able to write in a way that connects with your readers and leaves them feeling like they’ve gotten their moneys worth. It’s really not that hard but if you feel like you need a little work on this, you can check out Novel Writing Made Easy which will guide you in your writing journey and teach you how to effectively connect with your audience. While you may not be writing novels per say, the writing techniques you can learn will leave your buyers hungry for more and ahead of your competition.

Note: Ebooks are generally a .pdf file which is read by Adobe on the users machine. Rather than spending the $380+ for Adobe Acrobat Professional 9 you can download eWriter Pro which is an easy to use, professional ebook creator for $7.

Once you have your niche picked out and have written your ebook, you will need a sales letter. You’ve probably seen them before. These are pages that tell about your product and the benefits of buying. This is one of the most important steps in the writing and selling ebooks business because even if you’ve picked the perfect niche subject and written the worlds best ebook, if you can’t get your sites visitors interested enough to buy it, then it will fail.

You can either pay big money to have your sales letters professionally written or you can learn how to write effective ad copy yourself. If you have the money, using a professional copywriter is the way to go but be prepared to shell out thousands for their work. If you would like to do it yourself, there are some software applications you can use that generates proven sales letters using templates. I won’t recommend one over the other, instead I’ll just link to a few of the most popular and let you decide from reading their salesletters, after all, if they are selling you something to convince others to buy from you, they should be just as effective in building your interest, so I’ll let you decide who has done the better job.

In no particular order…

Ad Copy Creator Pro – Easily Create Heart Pounding Ad Copy Anytime You Need To For Your Sales Letters…Starting Today!

Sales Letters Creator – Create High Quality, Professional, High Impact, Convincing And Persuasive Sales Letter Pages In Under 15 Minutes By Filling In The Blanks!

Burpies Makes Salesletters Easy- The Worlds Easiest Software For Creating Your Own Sales Letter – Done In 30 Minutes. Designed By Australias Leading Copywriter.

Ok, so maybe you find out that you are really good at writing ad copy. You have a natural ability and your sales pages are really raking in the cash. Becoming a paid copywriter is another online business we won’t really go into in this post since it’s about creating and selling your own ebooks but if you feel this is a path you are interested in, see… How To Get Your First Copywriting Client In 14 Days Or Less.

One more thing you’ll need to put together your salesletter and to use for branding is a 3D box cover. You can outsource these from a graphics design site or you can grab some software that will do it for you and that you can use over and over. Use 1ClickCovers to Create Stunning eCover complete with crash course, video tutorials & templates.

Now, you’ve picked a profitable niche, you’ve written a high quality ebook, you’ve put together a dazzling salesletter, you just need a way to accept payment from your buyers and get that ebook into their hands.

You could spend all day checking your email and waiting for orders to come through and personally email the download link to them but that would quickly get tedious, not to mention the orders that come through at 3:00am and yes, orders can and do come in at any time, day or night. Remember, you are now doing business on a global arena, it’s always 5pm somewhere.

If you were to purchase any ebook from me, you would be transferred to Paypal where you could pay, you would then be sent a link to download your purchase. I use DLGuard to do this and stand behind it as an incredible product delivery & theft prevention tool. I won’t turn this into a sales pitch for it but you can have a look at it here… DLGuard.

The last step here is marketing your newly created ebook. There are hundreds of ways to market products online from blogging to pay per click advertising so we won’t go into detail on that subject here. You can search through my previous posts here for different strategies or jump to the meat and potatoes with Small Business Traffic Secrets. Learn how to drive loads of buyers to your ebook salesletter with these advanced Internet marketing techniques.

That’s a quick overview of creating and selling ebooks.

Let’s recap

  1. Find a profitable niche
  2. Write an ebook
  3. Write a salesletter
  4. Automate product delivery
  5. Drive traffic to your salesletter

If you are wanting to use ebooks & reports to build mailing lists, see my post Beginners Guide To Creating Mailing Lists, Follow Up Emails And Web Forms for a guide on that. Email marketing is a complex marketing strategy with numerous methods of implementation so we’ll not delve into detail in this post.

This is just one of many ways to make money online. It’s really not that difficult when you know how and it’s even better when you learn from someone that actually does it.

If you would like to receive training by a real Internet marketing millionaire, visit Maverick Money Makers and sign up for their nitty gritty, hand holding, step-by-step blueprints for building a six-figure a month business on the Internet.

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