How I Corrected My Pay Per Click Problems – Part 2

“At this juncture I’m waiting to see what happens and as it progresses I will keep you informed through future articles. For now keep working towards your goals.”

Those were my closing words to you in my last article, and I promised to keep you informed. Here then is what has been occurring. I paused the PPC campaign for a day and continued working on the ad. I optimized my keywords. I made sure to use the keywords in the title of the ad, and have the keywords in the body of the ad. You know all of the good stuff you’re supposed to do to have a good Quality score in Google.

I then tweaked my capture page and added some information so that there was no confusion as to what the ad was saying. I described the three steps it took to get finished, and what everything was to complete the task of getting their own business.

Well with all of this done, the ad was submitted, the campaign unpaused, and off we went. The ad began to show. The Quality Score was 8/10, 9/10, and 10/10. I began to get some QS ratings that said GREAT. I knew I had hit the mother load. The ad ran for the rest of the day and then I paused it restarting it at what I thought was an appropriate time of day as per my results from the earlier campaign.

I got one referral, and then I got another. I began to get excited. Then I waited, and waited, and waited, and…….you get the picture, no more referrals but plenty of clicks. I began to wonder if I had offered too much information or if I had really targeted the right audience?

The cost of the ad then began to exceed my budget for what I was doing so IU needed to and did shut down the ad. I now had 17 referrals but there were none that completed the three steps that were necessary or none that were in the awaiting confirmation stage that opened their emails and confirmed their request.

At this point the only thing I can say is I will do more studying of Pay Per Click Advertising and hope that you benefit from my experience. Also before you begin a PPC campaign do your homework. I would also advise you to look at some of the free advertising that is offered.

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The author Herbert Ellis is a middle school teacher . He has been teaching or in an administrative role since 1991.” The reason I got into the home Business industry is to be able to work for myself and to help others achieve that same goal.Since teaching Math is my love it was a natural segue into working with numbers in making money at home.I will through future articles try to take some of the mystery out of the process of starting your own Home marketing business.”
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