Top 2 Tips on How to Use Google Keywords to Get Massive Traffic to Your Landing Page

There are two ways to win in online marketing and online businesses. One is to create a fantastic product that gives value to consumers. Another is to get enough traffic to get to your website or your landing page that contains your sales copy. Getting the traffic is the harder part, as it requires a deep knowledge on how search engine works. Here are the top 2 tips on how to use Google keywords to get massive traffic to your website or sales page.

Tip #1:
Get your landing page ranked high on Google search results. Sounds easy, but it entails a lot of hard work. The tip here is to get as many quality back links from your friends’ sites, forums and blogs to your sales copy web page as possible.

One example is writing articles for EzineArticles. You can then include a link back to your landing page, where visitors will get to read your sales copy and decide if they will buy your products.

Another optimization technique is to put the right and correct keywords in your landing page. Make sure that you research on the best and most suitable keywords that will get enough searches from online visitors, without too much competition from similar websites. Put your keywords in your content, title and header tags.

Tip #2:
Use pay per click advertising with Google AdWords. Write a short sales copy to get people to click on it, but also ensure that you do not spend too much initially by limiting your spending cap with Google AdWords.

Your pay per click ad will check the search keywords from online visitors. If there is a match, your ad will appear. If visitors click on it, they will be transported to your landing page to read your sales copy.

Again, the key is to have the right and optimized set of keywords.

Experiment with the two tips above, and fine tune them to get you more success with your online businesses.

The whole internet marketing game takes time to master, so learn from those who have been there to shorten your learning time, and avoid painful mistakes.


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