Should You Buy Web Traffic?

From the dawn of the internet, millions and millions of users search the internet for solutions, entertainment, and ideas.

Now how can we go about targeting some of these visitors to your site?

There are plenty of ways to do so, promoting your site effectively works, and optimizing your site for search engine rankings, or advertising your site on other sites, like link building strategies and buying traffic.

Now, Is buying web traffic a good thing?

Yes and no, you want to buy effective traffic to your site, otherwise your just wasting your bandwidth, you should also consider that buying traffic for your site is a risk. If you are buying targeted traffic to increase your exposure and generate sales, there is no guarantee that you will generate sales from the traffic that you have purchased, however there’s still a good chance of converting that traffic to sales if your site contains what that visitor is seeking.

Buying untargeted traffic is the cheap source of traffic, its very unpredictable, and you cannot expect much conversion from it. In other words it can be a good solution to increase your site’s potential and rank, It can also be a big waste of bandwidth.

Be aware of buying fake traffic generated by bot’s or spamming, you don’t want to buy traffic that was forced to your site, as pop ups are the most annoying thing a website can have. Visitors who see a pop up will often ignore that pop up and close it and will probably leave site if continues. Having pop ups on your site is a bad idea and will drive visitors away.

Also be aware of buying web traffic that is delivered through means of iframes. This traffic is useless to your site, although it can still build your sites rank, you will not see much success from it. Nobody is going to buy a product while surfing through a site in an iframe as the visitor feels that it is not secure.

There are many different sources to buying web traffic, much of the web traffic that you buy will depend on who you are buying it from and If can you trust them to deliver that web traffic as advertised.

What source of traffic should you buy?

The best source of buying web traffic is delivered through sites receiving targeted visitors and very high traffic stream, other web traffic sources are through means of expired domains that contain a high stream of web traffic not always the best but recycled.

Now, I want to give a few pointers to anyone who is buying web traffic particularly for making sales, although it may seem easy enough to do, this is the worst kind of idea of promoting your product as buying traffic has limited to no guarantee of any sales.

If you are selling a product or service, the best source of traffic is through means of PPC promotion as these visitors will click your ad’s because they have an interest in the product and are willing to overlook your site, other then that, the traffic that you buy from other then PPC will not have any pre-interest in the site that pops up and will probably close the site without giving it any thought.

Imagine spending over $100 a month buying traffic to your site with a low conversion rate, wondering why this just isn’t working. Then you decide that you would finally like to invest that money in better more proven methods of promotion, Adwords for example, I mean, your spending your money on traffic anyway?

PPC promotion has the highest rate of sales conversion, as long as your site appeals to the hungry audience, what I mean by that is the audience that you are targeting to buy your products. Of course It may cost a little to invest, however in return you will be much more satisfied with the results and most likely generate sales and earn that money back in no time.

Well, That’s about it, thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my article.

The Pros and Cons of buying web traffic.


1) Increase your sites rank and popularity.

2) Generate sales from converting web traffic.

3) Populate your online community.

4) Quick & easy solution for fast traffic rates.


1) The risk of buying fake web traffic.

2) Low conversion rate.

3) The quality of the web traffic.

4) The source of the web traffic.

5) Consuming and wasting bandwidth.

6) Spam traffic and forced visits.

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