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A grossly underused method of driving massive targeted traffic to your website is through social bookmarking. If you’ve been online for more than a few weeks, you should by now be familiar with some social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, Delicious, Propeller, or StumbleUpon. What you’re probably not familiar with is how to leverage these sites for driving massive targeted traffic to the site of your choice.

The idea behind social bookmarking is simple: you submit a news story which includes a title, a brief description, an image if applicable, and a link back to the webpage where your news story is actually located. It isn’t necessary to submit a real piece of news though.

In Google, sites get ranked by how important they look in the eyes of Google. You can make your site more important to Google by creating more content, pointing more links to your site, and so on. With social bookmarking, news stories get ranked according to how many people bookmark your news story. People bookmark stories which they find funny, interesting, or otherwise awesome. What people don’t care for on social bookmarking sites is stuff like sales pages, squeeze pages, or blatant advertising.

Let’s take a look on Digg for a second. On Digg’s homepage, you’ll see a list of popular stories within the last few hours. At a glance, a couple stories jumped out as worth mentioning here. One was merely a link to a Flickr photograph of a tree getting struck by lightning. The other was in regard to the Obama administration. The photo was quite awesome which was why it got bookmarked so many times. The story about Obama was obviously political in nature and generated a lot of discussion between supporters and critics of the points made in the story.

The reason for that little field trip to Digg was to show you what types of stories interest people. Stories which appeal to the emotions are popular amongst readers. Posting a link to your bonus offer for Affiliate Product XYZ will get you zero bookmarks and close to zero views.

Submitting social bookmarks is like advertising without advertising. Let’s say you submit a news story and a bunch of people decide to bookmark it, making it popular enough to reach that particular site’s homepage. Due to the increased visibility, your site suddenly gets hundreds and even thousands of visitors, all for free and with little effort on your part. That’s the power of social bookmarking and it all starts with an interesting article or image.

The last tip I want to leave with you is to never submit your site’s homepage as the link for your news story. Nobody wants to land on your homepage only to have to poke around to find the story that they were looking for. Link directly to the webpage where your story is located. You’ve already diverted their attention from the social bookmarking site, but you won’t hold that attention for long unless you have something cool to show them and you make it easy for them to access it. If you manage to hold their attention though, then your job is done, because your viral advertising machine will start working its magic.


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