Your Website Pagerank Depends on Backlinks

Your website pagerank depends to a very great extent on inbound links, also known as backlinks. Your page content is also very important but these backlinks are an absolute necessity of search engine positioning. In order that a website can appear in the top rank of search engines like Google without your having to pay a lot of money for advertising, the website has to have a large number of backlinks.

Let’s get the definition right so that we understand what these website pagerank links are. Backlinks are links on one website that lead back to another (your) website, so it is indeed correct to refer to them as “inbound” links in relation to your own site.

The better established, the higher the quality and the higher the PageRank of the website that contains the links, the greater the power it has to assist your linked website with its search engine position. If the website that is receiving the inbound links gets many high quality, high PR backlinks, the better the likelihood of it being in a high ranking on the search engines and of having a higher pagerank itself.

So, how do we obtain backlinks of high quality pointing to our websites?

Submitting your website to various Internet directories can be useful and list on their site the top forty in terms of inbound link quality. Number one is DMOZ, the Open Directory which has a pagerank of 8. DMOZ is the directory getting the most respect online today, especially as the websites it lists have all been positioned by human editors, not an algorithm. There is no automation with this directory, though it takes a long time to have a website included.

However, with a PR 8 it has to be worth the wait because the inbound link to your site will have such value. The main reason that DMOZ takes so long is because it is free, whereas most of the other directories levy a fee. Number two in the list is Yahoo with PR 7 with a charge of $299 per year. Lii at number 3 with a PR 7 is also free and there are four more in the top forty that are without charge too.

There are numerous other methods of creating high quality backlinks. Some experts encourage the writing and submission of articles in particular. Others recommend posting on forums and making comments on blogs. PageRank is also of importance when using what has become known as article marketing. There are hundreds of article directories that you can submit your article to but the sheer number of backlinks is not what it’s all about; it’s the quality. with a PR 6 is the obvious place to start because of the value of that inbound link. Before you go out and buy an article submitter tool, do some research online and determine which directories have the best PR and use them. Do not submit the same article to each one as the search engine spiders will identify your articles as duplicate content and ignore them. Take the trouble to “spin” your articles by making subtle changes to please the spiders and thereby get better rankings.

The use of Social Bookmarking websites is another way that you can build backlinks for your website. Social Bookmark sites almost invariably have a popular ‘community’ aspect to them. Members join up and create profiles that include photographs and information about them. Then the new member is able to save bookmarks of favourite websites that can be itemized by tags. These tags are one or two word descriptions of what the sites contain and these bookmarks can be saved to a list that can be shown publicly, so that it is available to all. You will find a list of the top ten, headed by which is owned by Yahoo, at

With the arrival of the phenomenon that is Web 2.0, obtaining backlinks is easier now than at any time since the Internet began. Many sites, especially blogs, have an interactive aspect to them, allowing visitors to sign in and create profiles. Then they are often permitted to post comments on the articles or stories on the website or blog which include a link back to their own site. In turn, the website or blog owner will respond to the comments, making this section of the website or blog a conversation piece.

Backlinking strategies can be great fun and the webmaster who is involved in getting more website pagerank backlinks for his/her website will have the added enjoyment of learning new information and meeting new friends, doing something that was once regarded as an onerous task.

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