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Mention the idea that a simple site can earn big profits before some people who have tried their luck at various online business models, and you are likely to be met with rolled eyes; a sign of undisguised skepticism about the idea of making big profits from a simple site.

Yet the truth of the matter is that a simple site can still earn big profits, if it is properly implemented. This, by the way, is not a theoretical notion, because many real people have made considerable fortunes using what can only be described as simple sites.

Most of these people, unfortunately, tend to be self-effacing people, preferring anonymity rather than publicity; hence the reason many people are not aware of their often remarkable success.

One of the keys to making big profits out of a simple site – and this is where a majority of the people who fail go wrong, is careful choice of a niche for the website. Many people mistakenly believe that the most popular niches (the most widely read niches, for instance), are also the most profitable. While it is true that the money is in the numbers (in terms of traffic) as far as Internet marketing goes, and while it is also true that you need to build your simple website around themes that people are actually searching for information on, the truth of the matter is that the most popular niches are not always the most profitable. The moral here is that if you are to make big profits from a simple site, you have to ensure that you are working in the right niche.

Another key to making big profit out of a simple site is making a careful choice of monetization model. Unfortunately for many people, the only monetization model they know and dare implement is the pay per click model, which also happens to be the path of least resistance: as it requires very little input of effort beyond developing the site and installing the ad-serving scripts. Yet the truth of the matter is that pay per click is only one of the monetization models you can use to make profits out of your simple site; and it is not necessarily the best model. This is especially so if your traffic numbers are still modest, because unless you are getting millions of page-views per day (or at least higher hundreds of thousands of page-views per day), it is very unlikely that you will make a decent profit out of the site, since pay rates for pay per click tend to be diabolically low.

Needless to say is that things like the content on your site (what you have to say/offer on the site), and the design of the content (how you present what you have to offer on your site) are the other important factors that will go into determining what your probability of earning big profits from simple sites is. Serve lousy content on your site and you will only be left wondering ‘who moved your cheese,’ when people stop visiting it.

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