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Top 3 Ways to Make Money With Simple Sites

You don’t need to have a huge social networking site, or a huge online store to start enjoying an online income. It is true that if you can hack it, a huge site can quite easily push you into the ranks of billionaires. Unfortunately, there are technical and financial constraints to developing and monetizing those huge sites. You will be surprised, however, to learn that some of the big websites you hear of have not yet even started to make money – they are still running on investor’s funding. Yet many small anonymous entrepreneurs are making for themselves significant sums of money, through small and simple sites.

Many people, when told about the possibility of making money with small sites ask how that would really be possible. There are at least three ways through which you can make money from simple sites.

The first way through which you can make money through the simple site is by building it, promoting it (to get a ‘follower base’ also called traffic), and then having advertisers put their ads on it, for a fee. Many online advertising companies are just waiting for you to develop a simple site, and get reasonable traffic for it, before they can start paying you for it. Some pay on ‘per click basis’ – where money is credited to your account whenever a visitor to your simple site clicks on their adverts. Some pay on a ‘per thousand impressions’ basis. Here they install ‘publicity’ ads on your simple site, as well as traffic tracking software. Then they then pay you for every ‘so many visitors’ under the assumption that everyone who visits your website gets to see their adverts there.

The second way through which you can make money through a simple site is by enrolling it on an affiliate marketing program. Again, the initial steps are to create the website, and develop traffic for it. Once you have traffic, you can have operators of various online stores selling their wares on your sites (especially wares related to what the site deals with), and giving you a portion of the sales they make through your site. If your traffic is modest, and you don’t seem to be making much through pay per click or pay per thousands impressions, you can try your hand at affiliate marketing, and see what you unearth.

The third way through which you can make money through a simple site, if you a professional in any field, is by using the site as a platform for selling your services. It is about developing a truly valuable website, which establishes you as a true authority in your professional field. The rest tends to follow: because once you are recognized as a true authority in your field, you will tend to find yourself overwhelmed with orders for your services. Indeed, you could find yourself having to employ many other professionals, in effect establishing an online company. All, based on the orders you get as a result of coming across as an authority in the field, in turn as a result of a very simple – but highly informative – site you created.

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