Steps to Reduce PPC Costs and Increase Conversions

PPC advertising is a huge market, both for the advertisers and the companies. Google, the search engine giant earns maximum share of its revenue by providing PPC services. There are many more biggies in this field such as Yahoo!, Microsoft, Chitika, Clickbank etc but they all are far behind Google.

PPC advertising is best suited for the websites who haven’t yet established themselves in the organic listing of search engines. But it has a downside too. PPC advertising can cost the advertiser dearly if the campaign is not carefully developed. In fact, PPC advertising is much more than just selecting the keywords and designing the ads. Moreover, in the time of recession, it becomes more important for an advertiser to cautiously carry out the PPC campaign or else the campaign would start bleeding.

Specified below are some tips which can help you to increase the conversion at low investment i.e. increase your ROI.

1. Analyze competitors – The best way to start off a PPC campaign is to first have a look into the competitors’ strategies. Every now and then you come across the ads which give you an idea about how to find the place where your competitors are advertising. If not, you can purchase the tools which give you a fair amount of idea about the advertising campaign of your competitors. The main things to note are the keywords, ad body, places where the ads are being placed and types of call to action to entice the visitors.

2. Explore keyword variations – It is quite necessary for successful PPC campaigns to incorporate proper keywords and suitable variations. If these parameters are not worked upon carefully then it will ruin all your efforts. The advertiser needs to understand the difference between broad match, exact match, phrase match and negative match.

3. Avoid hyper competitive keywords and use low cost keywords optimally – If you start your campaign by bidding on hyper competitive keywords you will accrue high cost and will soon exhaust your budget. But there are many low cost keywords relevant to your business which when used in combination with proper matching options will yield good results i.e. good ROI.

4. Use enticing call to action terms – Call to action terms form an important part of your PPC campaigns. Terms such as click here, buy now are of no use because they do not inform the user about your offer. On the other hand, people get easily attracted towards the terms such as discount, sale, free, buy 1 get 1. These terms are consumer centric and can generate good ROI if your offerings deliver what is being promised in the advertisement.

5. Be honest with your ads – Quite often advertisers make this mistake i.e. they don’t deliver what they promise in the ad. Avoid this kind of approach as this is the biggest turn-off for your visitor. Moreover, it also leaves an ever lasting negative impression of your website. By adopting such tactic you are only going to accrue the cost and no returns.

6. Design your landing page wisely – Landing pages play an important role not only in converting your visitors to your clients but also in getting your ads high quality score which in turn results in decreasing the cost your bear to run the campaign. Some advertisers make the mistake of linking their ads to the home page irrespective of the context of the ad. Actually this is not a mistake but a blunder. Make sure to link the ads to the relevant page. E.g. if your ad is about Ruby on Rails development then the ad should be linked to the page dedicated to Ruby on Rails and not any other page. Further, these landing pages should have call to action which encourages the user to perform such actions which benefits your business.

7. Review your ads performance overtime – Make sure to review the performance of your ads at regular intervals. This will enable you to round upon the areas which are proving to be a setback to your campaign and further optimize the areas which are proving good. Although this step is obvious, many people don’t devote much time into this step. Always carry out comprehensive analysis to decide upon the performance of your campaign.

Conversions are support system for any PPC campaign. If conversions are taking place then it is well and good, if not, analyze your campaign on the above stated points to optimize it. If that still doesn’t work, then it’s time when you should take the help of professionals who can review you campaign and get rid of the flaws.

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