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Traffic Building – How to Increase Website Traffic Using Article Marketing?

Article marketing is always my favourite way to increase website traffic. If you are new to article marketing, you may feel that it takes a lot of pain and time to write your first article. But when you bite your teeth and write your first article, the second article will be a lot easier. As you write more often, the time you take to write one article will decrease tremendously.

If you want to increase website traffic using article marketing, here are a few things you must take note:

1. Write an attractive title so that people will click on your article and read it. The title of your article is very important. If the title is not attractive, no one will read your article and click the links in your author resource box to visit your website. So spend some time coming up with at least 5 titles for each article before you choose the best one for your article.

2. Write how-to articles. You should write how-to articles and address a burning problem. Then give some basic solutions that your readers can apply immediately to solve the problem. If they want more advanced solutions, ask them to check out your link in the author resource box.

3. Write a compelling author resource box. Your author resource box is the one that really determines how many people click on your link and visit your website. When you write an article, don’t write a conclusion. Instead, use your author resource box to prompt your readers to visit your website to get more information.


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