How to Sell Things on eBay – Why Start by Selling Your Own Stuff

As an eBay PowerSeller and someone who teaches others how to sell things on eBay, I always recommend, for first time eBay sellers, to start out by selling their own personal belongings that they have around the house that they no longer want or need. This serves many different purposes and I’m going to explain them all in this article.

The first main purpose of starting out by selling stuff around your house is to get you familiar with eBay. Like most other things, there’s a learning curve. You’ll likely feel nervous or awkward the first time you list and sell things on eBay. It’s important that you get over these types of feelings before you try to start selling more professionally.

By selling a few items around your house first, not only do you get a better feel for how eBay works, but you’ll also get a system going. The better a system you have in place, the smoother things will go when you start to sell things on eBay professionally. It will also take less time for you to go through the processes of listing and shipping items.

The last reason it’s best to start out by selling your own unwanted stuff is because it’s fun. Though you need to take the auctions as a learning experience, you don’t have to take them as seriously as you would regular auctions where you’re trying to turn a profit. The point of selling your own unwanted stuff is to get the experience. You can start your auctions at $0.01 and relax and enjoy watching them get bid up. Listing to make a profit involves much more fine tuning.

Starting out by selling your own stuff has three main benefits: it teaches you how eBay works, it helps you get a repeatable system down, and it’s fun. Aside from the last benefit, learning these things early on will help greatly reduce your frustration when you start to turn your eBay listing practices from hobby to business. I recommend selling items around your house until you are at least 95% confident on how eBay works. It takes a long time to learn all of the lessons that eBay has to offer, but once you have the basics down, you’ll be good to go.

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  1. I guess people like getting charged crazy fees with ebay. Not me though. that’s why i use MUCH cheaper and easier to use.

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