You Need Quality Backlinks to Get More Backlinks

It’s always fun to hear someone else tell you about what you need, isn’t it? Well, unfortunately, to be the most successful online entrepreneur and marketer you can be, that’s a skill you’ll have to develop too. If you want people to visit your site over the billions of others out there, you have to have something that convinces people they need you, your product or service, and your website. So, how do you do that?

Well, for one thing, you need to actually have something worth offering. If you haven’t done so yet, come up with a long-term plan and a mission statement for your website. Whether you plan concrete steps or just draft a general outline, knowing why you have your website and what you’re going to use it for is a crucial first step toward maximizing its potential. After all, why have a site if you aren’t going to use it to the utmost that you can?

Once you’ve decided why you have your website, then you have to cater to the demographic that is most likely to come visit your site. You have to make it professional and clean if you are catering to professionals, while you might use some crude language and more questionable content if you are trying to attract male teenagers and young adults.

Believe it or not, this is one of the most important things to do, even before you start worrying about optimization. Remember that all of these steps are only important if you get the right kind of people at your site. If you’re selling posters of heavy metal bands and you somehow are attracting middle-aged women in knitting circles, you have a disconnect that you need to address.

Looking for Quality
Once you straighten out your demographic, then you start realizing that you need quality backlinks. This isn’t a joke, either. Backlinks are a critical aspect of a successful website because they give you the kind of targeted traffic you desire.

Think about where those backlinks come from. That’s right – they come from sites that have a stake in what you are doing. Say you do a personal blog, and you wrote a post about capital punishment. You’ll probably get a lot of political blogs linking to your site (if you’re popular enough), and they’ll say how they’re for or against it–but what you’re worried about is getting the right kind of people there in decent numbers.

Finally, you have to remember that growth is painfully slow for any new venture, unless you have already proven yourself and have a built-in fan base ready to try anything you do. Using a link building service will give the initial push you need to get the link building moving, once you have established links other websites will want to link to you as well.

One Link After Another
The point is that it will do the linking for you, and eventually, more links will start coming in because they see the links that are already there. If you don’t believe that an icebreaker is important, try cracking a joke in the middle of an awkward crowd and see how that goes.

Building quality backlinks will encourage more links, which creates more direct traffic and indirectly improves your ranking in the search engine results pages while at the same time giving your site an aura of authority. That’s a wining combination that starts with content and links.

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