How to Sell Things on eBay – Writing an Effective Title

One of the cardinal rules on successful ways to sell things on eBay is to write an effective item title. Your eBay auction title and picture are the two things that will convince a potential buyer to click on your auction. While they are both important, in this article we will only be focusing on how to write an effective title. The three main factors in creating a title are using all of the space provided, describing your item accurately, and deciding what case to put your title in.

eBay gives you 55 characters with which to title your item. Use as many of them as possible. The longer your title, the more details you can include about the item you’re selling, the more likely a potential buyer will be interested to click on it.

You will want to list as many of the attributes of your item as possible in the title. In fact, think of it more like a mini description, because that’s basically what it is. Selling your item in the title is a big key to getting potential buyers to click on it.

There has been a long time debate over whether or not to post your title all in caps lock when you’re trying to sell things on eBay. I have listed auctions in both all upper and all lower case with no noticeable difference in sales. The reason that it has been recommended to post your item titles in all caps is because it makes your item title stand out more from a sea of other similar titles. You will notice though that many people now use this technique, so it might have lost some of its effect. It’s really at your discretion whether or not you want to use all caps or standard lowercase for the titles of your auctions when you’re trying to sell things on eBay.

Creating effective item titles is not rocket science, though it does take a little bit of thought. As long as you follow the first two rules, you should be good as gold. And if you’re not exactly sure how to write a title for your item, look up similar items on eBay and imitate how PowerSellers are writing their titles.

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