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What Is Article Marketing?

Posted in Article Marketing September 16, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

Article marketing is a new method that most claim you have to subscribe to if you really want to fine-tune your search engine optimization techniques. Article marketing is actually quite easy and is something that most successful webmasters have been onto for some time. While some have been focusing just on creating good links within their websites, successful people have been focusing on the fact that there has to be a balance between good links and good content and this is where article marketing comes into play.

The Basics

The bottom line is that those that focus on links alone for good traffic to their website will likely not see the success that they hope for. To get good traffic from search engines you have to provide content for the search engines as well as the people that visit your website. It is well known that search engines place a lot of importance on back links but you’ll also find that most websites with good page ranks are always looking for good content, and this is not a coincidence. Search engines usually give more weight to sites that have high quality content in addition to back links.

How Article Marketing Works

So, you’re a webmaster and you are new to article marketing. You know that you are not a good writer so you aren’t sure where to get the quality content that you need to work with your back links to establish the page rank you are looking for. What’s next? Article marketing, that’s what!

It’s important to understand that true article marketing involves several different parties. First, there is the author. This is the person that actually writes an article on any given subject, he or she displays their information in what is called a resource box at the bottom or top of any given article. Next, there is the article directory. This is basically a bank for authors to submit their articles to. After some editing or an approval process that is provided by the directory the article will be posted on the directory for content hungry webmasters to view.

The publisher is you, the webmaster, who is looking for high quality content that will work along with their back links to improve search engine optimization. Webmasters can peruse the directories and choose articles that are relevant to their subject, service, or product. The publisher can publish said article on their website as long as they include the author resource box as well as a link back to the author website and the article directory. The links give you high quality links from websites to your site and the content provides all that you will need to get noticed by the search engines and increase traffic.

It Works!

As you can see, article marketing works for the author as he or she gets exposure, it works for the article directory as the article is linked to them, and it works for the webmaster because they get high quality content and links. Many webmasters report that within 48 hours they are getting much more traffic and their page rank is much better than before. Article marketing really is the wave of the search engine optimization future and will keep webmasters, article directors, and content writers in business for a long, long time.

Jonathan White has been involved in article and other online marketing for over 4 years. He is the owner of SimplySearch4it! - Articles Marketing Directory & SimplySearch4it! UK - Articles Directory

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