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Create and Make Money Building Funny Video Websites (Tip by Maverick Money Makers)

It’s quick, easy, fun and profitable to build funny video sites. Plenty of people have used this method to generate online income and plenty are making full time incomes from doing just this. Maverick Money Makers teaches this as one method for generating revenue online. Follow these steps to make money from your funny video sites.

1. Create a website

The very first step when creating a funny video site is picking the right name. You want something easy to remember, something that’s catchy and something that conveys a clear message of what your site is all about. Not every domain name has to make perfect sense, think about all the websites out there that you remember but make no sense like Google.

2. Adding content

Finding the funny videos to display on your site is the easy part. They’re everywhere! You can visit all the popular video sharing sites and look for the funny ones you would like to have shown on your website.

3. Generating revenue

You want to create mutliple streams of income on these websites. You will use contextual advertising, banner ads and vendor products which pay nice commissions if you refer a buyer for their product, physical or digital.

Contexual advertising programs like Google Adsense place ads similar to the content on your website which increases the chances that someone will click on an ad. When they do click an ad, you make money. Once you’ve signed up for a contextual advertising program like Adsense, you will be given some code which you place on your website, this code is what is used to suppy the ads. Other contextual advertising programs are offered through Yahoo, MSN and Chitika. Amazon also offers a less powerful version of contextual advertising.

4. Putting the pieces together

You’ve found the perfect domain name, you’ve got the videos together you want to use and you have your advertising line up. Now you just need to put your new funny video site together. There are software applications you can use that make it easy for the novice to build websites, these are known as WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors.

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2 Responses to “The Mini Site Formula For Building A Profitable Niche Site Empire”

  1. It’s usually true, although I would be careful about the automatic method. Sometimes search engines do not like copied data.

  2. Hi Beckie. It’s true that if you directly copy an entire page, it will be a duplicate and the search engines will show a preference depending on age of site, page rank, first indexed among other things but pulling in bits and pieces from numerous sites does create a new, unique page. Do some google searches and you will see that these types of sites are ranking very well. If you think about it, most of the social networking sites like Digg and Stumbleupon are little more than that themselves and they rank very well.

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