10 Adwords Campaign Tips for Managing Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

1) Spend the time to do your keyword analysis. Do not skip this because ensuring you have effective keywords and ones that are specific and yet niche enough, can greatly affect your campaign. Use a site such as nichebot.com for this analysis. If you enter the words exhibition stands for example, you can then get a good idea of different keywords/expressions that you can use in your Adwords campaign.

Analysing what keywords to use and compiling the best possible list is something worth doing before setting up the Adwords campaign. As well as nichebot.com, you can also simply do a Google search and see exactly what words your competitors are using in their Adwords campaigns. Compiling this list of keywords and expressions before starting the campaign will save you money in the long term.

2) Similarly, before setting up your Adwords account, spend a day or two writing all of your advertisements. You will need to write one for each set of keywords.

3) You should not use more than three or four words or expressions in each campaign ad group. This will make setting up the campaign much longer but this is necessary. The result is that you will have far more specific and closely related advertisements for each small ad group. This in effect should enable you to get higher Click-through-rates (CTR’s).

4) If you deem it useful, make sure you use ‘Geographical targeting’ for clearer and cheaper focus. On account set-up for each ad group, you can sep up specific areas where your ads will show. For example, if you wish to only target people in Sicily, Italy for renting property, you can set regional targeting so that the ads only become visible to people who do a search on Google, in Virginia:

5) When tweaking your Adwords campaigns, only change 1 thing at a time. One word in your headline may get your ad to pull twice as many clicks. Test everything – one at a time. By making gradual changes, it will be much easier for you to see the affects of individual changes.

6) You may wish to use an ‘Exact match’ expression. To do this put your keywords in brackets. For example, [Chinese Business]. This will make your ads more targeted to the appropriate audience, with these ads only showing when an exact match is made with words entered in a Google search.

7) Experiment and tweak your keywords over a few months, until you gradually perfect the combination of words and sponsored costs per word/expression. Even after this time you will need to make small changes.

8) Make sure that you set up the account such that the link the user is sent to for each keyword expression, is the most appropriate link. If someone enters the words’ pop up stands’, make sure you send them to the pop ups stands page.

9) Use the ‘Position preference’ tool. If you do not want to see your results in any particular position then you can use this tool. For example, if you do not want any of your ads to come up on Google searches below 8th position, you can set this with the position preference tool.

10) Write effective ads. Take time and ensure you write attractive and noticeable ads, and ads which are directly related to the keywords.

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