A Twitter Traffic Machine in the Fast Lane

Twitter is a huge micro networking blogging service that is growing in leaps and bounds. It seems everyone these days are talking about how many “followers” they have, a term used in Twitter for the number of “friends” you have on their service following your conversations.

You see Twitter works great in today’s modern hustle and bustle, allowing its users to post short, brief to the point messages on their network. These “micro-blog” entries allow people to stay connected through the use of the micro messages, by following, replying and in essence creating a micro Twitter traffic machine.

But for many people that becomes the extent of their Twittership and they never really see the value that could come from it. Instead these little micro blog posts, “tweets” as people call them can be powerful tools to grow you online presence especially if you are selling a product or service online. Instead most users just seem to use it as a mean to gather followers and never seem to be able this service into a Twitter traffic machine.

Let me share with you a couple ways to improve your “tweets”

1. Set up your account for use with your mobile device. By connecting your cell phone with your Twitter account you’ll be able to quickly access and carry on conversations no matter where you are. A great time saver for those people who are on the go.

2. Remember you are limited to only 140 Characters. Tweets are short messages and so you need to learn to use them wisely. If you are posting a hyperlink to your business or website consider shortening it up by using a free tool like Tiny URL.

3. Avoid coming off as too spammy. No one like endless plugs and URLs being promoted day in and day out, so make your tweets have value. It’s ok to promote your product or service, don’t get me wrong but no one wants to be banged over the head about it every hour of the day either.

By following a few of these simple steps you’ll be able to start building a Twitter traffic machine and grow your online presence in no time. So go ahead get started and start tweeting, it’s a lot of fun.

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The Twitter Traffic Machine

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