Banner Advertising Verses Google AdWords Traffic

People trying to generate traffic to their website will often try and compare Google AdWords to banner advertising and claim AdWords is way better. Well the reality is this – it is not better! And I want to show you why you need to be using banner ads over AdWords ads.

Secret #1:

Google AdWords has a quality score that tells you how you need to have your landing pages setup. You must comply with them or they won’t give you traffic. In fact, if you don’t do what they say – they could eventually just kick you off the system.

Banner ads on the other hand are totally different. You don’t have to make your websites landing page do anything you don’t want it to do. You can have whatever you want on your landing page and ask people to do whatever you want.

Of course you have to do what is best to give people the best experience so they will do business with you – but the reality is you don’t have to answer to Google!

Secret #2:

The conversion rates on people who come to your site from AdWords are way lower then banner ad traffic. I have tested this time and time again and it is very consistent.

Now here is the secret. Once you get good at banner ads and can make a profit off them, start using AdWords to get more traffic. They both work, but when you’re starting out, use banner ads as you can get better traffic and a lot of times can get it for cheap.

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