Make More Conversions For Your Online Business

Getting traffic to your website is for the most part external. Working out how to move that traffic closer to being an actual conversion is a whole other matter to consider, besides being completely internal. Here are some of the ways by which you could make more conversions for your online business.

No one likes to be thrown into a maze with no roadmap. Most website visitors have short attention spans and will spend less than a minute trying to understand what your website and your product or service is all about. If your website is not easy to navigate and seems to be pulling customers along without providing any real information that they are looking for, chances are they will abandon their search on your website and move on to the next website on the search engine results page.

One sure fire way to convert traffic is to present them with clear, concise, credible and relevant content when they arrive at your website. If the content on the website does not seem to be connected from page to page, or if the customer cannot make sense of the content, a feeling of confusion is evoked and your traffic will move on without so much as a second glance your websites way.

Once you have managed to get traffic onto your website, you need to ensure that your website is always running smoothly, with no glitches. If a potential customer is confronted with a broken link, not only does this stop him from getting further with the purchasing process, it could also make him suspicious as to the legitimacy of the website and if he should really be doing business with a website that is in such bad shape. This is exactly why hiccups like broken links cannot be allowed to last long enough to be noticed.

Website traffic is wary of the next internet scam that might try and take all their money. They might give a website their time, but most will not sign on the dotted line until and unless they are satisfied they know all there is to know about the website and the product it offers. This is why you need to give consumers as much access to your website as you can offer, without compromising your product or service and without plaguing them with mandatory registrations. Other factors which could work against your website include requiring traffic to download additional plug-ins, constant pop-ups on the website and clutter.


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Ms. Darlene Wood is an internet marketer living in Arizona with her daughter, four cats, three dogs and a snake (yikes!). She is creator of Mad Skills Marketing LLC and spends her days helping entrepreneurs create fun and highly profitable businesss. Come meet Darlene at

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