30 Minute Backlinks Review – Is It Worth $97?

Before we talk about 30 Minute Backlinks, we should ask ourselves this question: What are backlinks, and why are they so important?

Answer: Backlinks are links to your website from other sites. Search engines like Google rank webpages in variety of different ways, one being how many backlinks you have. Quality is imperative here. A rise in non-relevant backlinks might place you on Google’s first page for a week, but once the big G notices what is going on (and they will) you’ll quickly drop back down. Google now penalizes too many unrelated backlinks and the days of buying them are over.

What 30 Minute Backlinks is:

30 Minute Backlinks is a group of video tutorials that explain a new and unpublished method of gaining hundreds of links pointing to your site. I signed up for the free Link Building Tutorial to see what it was about. There was no “guide” or “how-to” here, just more or less sales pitch. I think there was a problem with the site at the time, as two sound tracks were playing at the same time. Nevertheless, the woman’s stats were high and it intrigued me into purchase.

The method is as claimed; it should only take 30 minutes, requires no technical background, is completely white hat, and is free.

In all I would rate it a 8 out of 10.

Con: The quality of the backlinks is low and only partially targeted.

Pro: The tutorials are thorough and explained well enough that even a complete novice could understand. The method will undoubtedly bring you 1000s backlinks if you implement it. The method is unique and free (that a big plus on my list). If you are looking for a quick rise to Google’s front page I would encourage you to buy this product. I suppose you could even use the method to sell backlinks to other people for moderate income.

Get Hundreds of Links, Supercharge Visits
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30 Minutes Work… 100% Guaranteed!

Add “30 Minute Backlinks” to
your current link building strategy.

Cassandra enjoys blogging and writing reviews. Her blogs are the Sony Camera Review and newly created 30 Minute Backlinks blog.

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