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If your web site doesn’t have any inbound links – that is links pointing to your website from the outside – you’re going to struggle to bring in lots of traffic from the search engines. Many SEO books suggest emailing webmaster asking for links but that can be quite a depressing experience as most webmasters will want something in return. People then start looking for ways to purchase links to make up for it and then end up paying hundreds of dollars for worthless links from huge link farms which are more likely to harm your rankings than improve it.

So is it worth finding a site to purchase links?

What many of these books don’t tell you that it is the type of link is just as important and many purchased links are worthless. In fact if you do have money to invest in a link – there is one which most professionals advise that will improve your rankings and that is from the Yahoo directory. This will give you a big boost in search engine rankings and is worth a thousand cheap links – unfortunately it costs about $299 a year for any commercial. website. If you have the budget it certainly makes a big difference but it is not essential – if your site is not commercial it’s free so go and register.

There are a few other cheaper directories where you can purchase links but to be honest you’re better off building these from other sources.

One huge source of links which can point back to your website is from the social bookmarking sites. These are online sites where people store their favourite links and share them with the rest of the community. Currently most of these count as backlinks to your site so there is a huge potential here – many of these sites are very well respected and the links have high value.

If you gradually add your sites pages to these social bookmarking sites then you can build up much more valuable backlinks than from link directories and they are all free.

The one drawback is that it is extremely time consuming to log onto the many social bookmarking sites and gradually add your links. There are submission services which you can pay to automatically submit these links for you but some use extreme spam methods using random accounts and bulk submission – that can get your links deleted or removed. You also have little control about how they are submitted.

To gather backlinks for my websites and those of my customers I use a social bookmarking software called Socialbot. It is extremely fast and configurable and can submit links to the social bookmarking sites automatically as you specify – mine runs automatically to submit three pages to my multiple profiles every morning.

If you would like to see some of the useful features of SocialBot 3.0 – you can read about them here. It’s much cheaper than trying to purchase links or using submission services and it submits to over 130 sites currently. In fact you can easily offer the service on your website to make extra income – I do!

Alternative solutions you may want to look into for automated social bookmarking include Bookmarking Demon and Auto Social Poster.

Read about the benefits here: SocialBot 3.0 Social bookmark software

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