What You Will Gain From Directory Submissions

Using directory submissions to increase the volume of traffic to your website has the effect of also increasing your search engine rankings. As your rankings increase ultimately the traffic to your website also increases.

You can see the cycle effect the process creates and therefore you just cannot afford not to go without using directory submissions if you are interested in business improvement which surely as a business person that is your ultimate quest.

Website or online business owners as well as SEO experts are aware of the importance of directory submissions to increase traffic and ultimately sales for their businesses or their customers. Directory submissions are one of the most cost effective SEO options available and they offer excellent opportunities for business promotion.

Here are listed the main benefits of directory submissions to your online business:

a) Search engine listings. After your site is submitted to a directory and is accepted within a few days you should see that major search engines start to list your URL as well. The website robots are continually looking for new websites and the listing of them in directory submissions will enable them to find your website much faster when it is in a listed directory.

b) Keywords. The importance of accurate keywords being used in the directory submissions is important to also ensure you are more easily located in a search and therefore you receive more traffic back to your site.

c) Back Links or one-way links. All search engines have a high opinion of back links, more so than reciprocal links. Directories are an excellent way to obtain value from your back links. The search engines place high value on back links from sites that are specific to your market as well as the older and more established sites. When you place your listings you are able to list in the categories relevant to your business product or service, and therefore the search engines can consider these links to be relevant. The ability to choose more established and older directories also proves to the search engines that your links are from authoritative websites.

d) Awareness. Directory submissions are an essential tool to enable you to increase the overall awareness of your business brand. The more branding you can give to your business ultimately gives more recognition of your business of product to your potential customers.

e) Cost Factors. Using a manual submission service as a marketing tool is one of the more cost effective and affordable options of SEO strategies you can use. Directory Submission is a very economical way to link brand awareness and popularity with keyword targeting for your website. There are a lot of directories which will list your site for free however there are also sites that will charge you to list with them. The charges however are generally not unrealistic for the results achieved.

When you check further into the area of directory submission you will however see that it is a very time consuming process. Internet marketing professionals and SEO experts will confirm that manual submissions to directories are the most effective way to complete directory submissions. Each directory will have its own rules and requirements that must be met before submissions will be accepted. There are submission software options that are available however generally it is found that the rejection rate when using submission software is much higher than when manual directory submissions are made. The submission software cannot usually accurately select the appropriate categories or subcategories that you would be able to select if you would be able to manually make the submissions. There is a much higher time factor of course involved in a manual submission as opposed to a software program.

When you have weighed up all the facts you will find that when you have made the decision to use directory submissions as part of your marketing plan it may well be worthwhile using the services of a marketing expert or a directory submission service company. They can assist you with your marketing plan but also can give you further advice on the best directory submissions you should use and those that you should also avoid. They will have more knowledge of the directories that are applicable to your specific business and if you request they can handle the directory submissions directly for you.

The choice of course is entirely yours, if you decide to take on the task yourself or enlist the assistance of the professionals to do it for you, either way you should be taking advantage of directory submissions to ensure your business is growing and you are getting the spot in the market that you deserve for your product or service. You put the best in to your business, let the tools out there enable you to reach more of your potential customers and allow your business to grow.


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About the author; Michiel Van Kets is enjoying life on the tropical island of Phuket and living the dream by making his money online. His SEO agency consists of Western SEO-experts and local Thai staff. The service specialized in most search engine optimization services, especially manual directory submission. He also writes for his blog about professional SEO.

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  1. Ciaran Doyle on July 14th, 2009 at 1:48 am


    Great article. I have found that I am starting to use blogs alot more to market and have begun to see the real power of them if they are used properly. Wordpress is the daddy of blogs and google absolutely loves it.

    There are a few extra special plugins that can help you out but the best on e is All In One SEO, learn how to use this and you can see your posts being ranked on page 1 of google within 5 minutes if done correctly.


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