Article Submitter V3 the Facts and Myths

The Article Submitter software is quite good really, its sadly let down by its database of article websites that will accept your articles. Having spent days taming this beast and forcing it to do what it should do anyway, I decided to write this article about Article Submitter so others could make wise and informed decisions about buying Article Submitter.

Like I say, this Submitter does the job, but needs a day or two invested into making it work to acceptable standard. If you are not prepared to spend this time then Article Submitter is not for you. As it simple does not work out of the box! If however, you are prepared to give up a couple of days and fine tune Article Submitter, you can submit articles all day long on virtually auto pilot. And submitting articles does work. You get loads of good backlinks, the search engines will love you and your site will rocket up the search engine listings. Creating and successfully submitting informative articles about whichever product or service your site offers, will generate high quality visitors and increased affiliate or sales revenue.

Why on earth the guys (or gals) down at Article Submitters office don’t clean up the database is a total mystery to me. I used the latest Version 3 with the latest (supposedly cleaned) database to try out. The database had over 400 article sites listed when I got it. After deleting out the bad URLs, hacked sites and just simply badly set up sites, there were only just over 200 sites left. What took me two days would have taken them a couple of hours to sort out.

Basically, once you have created the author information page, you register it. Have a big sheet of paper and pen at the ready. As this software goes through the automated process of registering a new account with all the article sites, you will need to note the failed ones. There will be 404’s, php / script loading faults, hacked by MOu34d, stuck pages or just times out. Note these URLs in Article Submitters menu (left top) Where ‘Directory:’ will show the submission sites url you are on. In the travel category for example we found initially around 40 dud sites for one reason or another. Close down Article Submitter and open up the file directories.cdb with note pad (Make a backup copy first in case you mess up). Scrolling down the list of directory sites, find the bad ones and delete everything beginning with containing the bad site. You can find some worked examples at my website linked at the bottom of this article. Save the file and open the program again. Click ‘Manage article directories list’ the page will then show in pink any sites that failed for some reason to register the author details. Note all of these and after closing Article Submitter, open up directories.cdb with notepad again and delete all those sites as before.

Next, choose your article and start submission. Have the pad and pen ready again as there will still be quite a few missed first time round and some will time out with bad php or poorly hosted. So note all these down again. When a site freezes or shows blank page or does some other weird php badly written script failure, just click the ‘Skip URL’ button after noting it. By now, you will have been working on the software for some hours and probably wondering why the heck you bothered. Well, Ive tried a few article submitters over the years and this one is brilliant once you’ve made the changes, it will work like a dream on virtually auto pilot.

Article Submitters database is stored under program files/Submit Suite/ in that folder you will find a file named directories.cdb. This is the main file that Article Submitter stores information about which article directories to submit to. Modifying it is a breeze once opened in Notepad.

Brad Callen’s Article Submitter

You’ve got to see it to believe it! (Click PLAY
to watch this baby fly at warp speed!)

For a complete worked example, go to the main article at You can also download a cleaned Article Submitter database from there as well as a free trial copy of Article Submitter to experiment with.

The full article about Article Submitter is available at our website CVanci Article Submitter

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