Mass Article Control – How to Get Massive Visitors to Your Site, FREE!

A couple of weirdo underground guys who i’ve never heard of before have just shown me a CRAZY VIDEO that shows them pulling in 734,185 visitors into their website, all completely for FREE (with zero advertising costs)!



They went on to tell me that ARTICLE MARKETING is still an amazingly effective way to get HIGHLY *targeted visitors* to your website without paying for traffic…

The only problem with writing articles is that it takes a HUGE amount of time to write all those articles..

..and unless you LOVE writing more than anything else in the world, it’s quickly going to become a giant energy suck on your time, dragging you down into a pit of total burnout… (when you could be watching America’s Got Talent on TV or cliping your toenails)

If only there was a way to automate this vitally important but really boring task…


These guys, Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker, have just announced “MASS ARTICLE CONTROL” to the world, and it contains, ‘FREE TRAFFIC GETTING’ SOFTWARE!

Software 1: Mass Article Creator
Software 2: Mass Article Submitter

* Limited copies are being released ONLY…

You can churn out up to 1000 articles or more with a few mouse clicks (push button)… and this is HIGH-QUALITY content, not the barely readable crap that typical “article spinners” cough out…

Plus, you have complete freedom to use the built-in options, or you can add your own words and phrases anytime you like, AND it allows you to also create NICHE SPECIFIC *categories* which will contain keywords and synonyms for your TARGET AUDIENCE – since different words mean different things depending on the market you are talking to.

..and Mass Article creator also LEARNS as you use it… since it was built using the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology!

They tell me it took them SIX MONTHS and around $48k in development costs to create these tools..

Mass Article Submitter will then SUBMIT your articles to the TOP ARTICLE DIRECTORIES automatically for you at a push of a single button!!

It’s so good it’s almost scary!

There’s nothing to buy, just WATCH this video that shows HARD PROOF that you can get nearly a MILLION visitors to your website for FREE, just by doing Article Marketing (would never have believed it myself until I saw the proof)!

anyways, who in their right mind would refuse FREE TRAFFIC? not me that’s for sure since TRAFFIC = MONEY, if you didn’t know that already.

Later, Gail

P.S. Mass Article Control is live and LIMITED to a few number of people before the site is taken down. Mass Article Control is just TOO POWERFUL and they’d be irresponsible people to saturate the market with too many users hence the limited qty.


The price is going to DOUBLE at any time NOW..
Get in low and save 50%!

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